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Regular Checking

$100 to open account

$800 average daily balance to avoid $8.00 monthly charge

Debit card and online banking available


Real Estate Loans

We offer financing for the purchase or refinancing of debt on farms, facilities and construction or remodeling of homes in the country. This includes improvements such as barns, outbuildings, fencing, ponds or lagoons. From application through closing and throughout the life of your loan, you will be dealing exclusively with us.


Equipment Loans

We can assist you with loans for the purchase or refinancing of debt for business equipment and machinery, vehicles or any other equipment. Loan terms can be structured to match the lifetime of the equipment. Payment plans can be structured to coincide with your cash flow.


Operating Loans

Financing for general operating needs such as inventory,  payroll or other expenses needed for the operating year. The loan terms can be structured as a revolving line of credit or one time use. When using a line of credit, interest is paid only on the funds you use. Payment plans are structured to coincide with your cash flow. 


Line of Credit

We'll help you grow your rural business and manage the unexpected with a line of credit. 

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